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One Night Bike Camping near Ottawa

Fitness:  2/7     Mountain Bike Skills:   3/7     Comfort zone:   5/7


  • Two days mountain biking on the K&P Trail: Calabogie to Clyde Forks
  • Camping beside a wilderness lake
  • All camping gear included: tents, sleep bags, pads, dishes, cooking equipment
  • All meals and food included
  • Swimming in a cool Canadian lake Lake
  • Optional single-track mountain biking for all levels at Madawaska Nordic
  • Transportation of equipment and personal bags to camping spot

One Night Bike Camping


This trip is perfect for anyone, including families, who want to experience easy biking in a true wilderness setting. You will feel like you are part of history, imagining the steam train whistle blowing as you bike through deep rock cuts.

Two Days on the K&P Trail

The K&P Railway was an historic rail line built in the 1870s to run from Kingston to Pembroke, in Eastern Ontario. For economic reasons the line was slowly abandoned, beginning in the 1960s, and is now a multi-use recreational trail. One of its chief advantages is that in runs through a great deal of beautiful Canadian wilderness, allowing its users to visit isolated areas while still having access to some amenities.

This trip starts in the small town of Calabogie and follows the K&P Trail 28 km south to the village of Clyde Forks. From there, we bike an extra 4 km to the shores of our isolated lake. After a night of wilderness camping, we bike back to our vehicles in Calabogie. If you're feeling strong, you can add up to 20 km of single-track trails at Madawaska Nordic in Calabogie.

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Made in Canada

     Made in Canada


You will be challenged by insects, weather, possible sore muscles, and some rough sections. You might be challenged by unfamiliar sounds and sights, and a possible sense of isolation. You will be rewarded with fresh air, clean water, possible wildlife sightings (deer, beaver) and a feeling of strength and accomplishment from pedalling so far. You might be tempted to sign up for a longer trip from Hard Maple Travel!

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