The K&P Trail: End to End

Fitness:  4/7     Mountain bike Skills:   4/7     Comfort zone:   5/7


  • 6 days / 5 nights (hotels)

  • Single track mountain biking for all skill levels at Forest Lea

  • Fast and flat mountain biking on The K&P Trail

  • Presentations by Canadian experts

Map of K and P Trail


Mountain Bike the K&P Trail

The K&P Railway was an historic rail line built in the 1870s to run from Kingston to Pembroke, in eastern Ontario. For economic reasons the line was slowly abandoned, beginning in the 1960s, and is now a multi-use recreational trail. One of its chief advantages is that in runs through a great deal of beautiful Canadian wilderness, allowing its users to visit isolated areas while still having access to some amenities. 

Our trip, The K&P Trail: End to End, is point to point and runs from Pembroke to Kingston. It begins with a day of single-track biking near Pembroke and then connects to the K&P in Renfrew.

On this trip, you will be challenged by bugs, weather, mud, puddles, long days, some rough stretches and some discomfort. There could be encounters with wildlife and poisonous plants.

You will be rewarded by fresh air, clean water, the smells of nature, beautiful bird songs, and a real appreciation of the Canadian wilderness. You’ll have fun while cruising fast on two wheels, meeting other travelers, gaining self-confidence, and surprising yourself. You will finish with a genuine sense of accomplishment. You’ll feel good.

And you’ll see lots of rocks and trees, and water in the form of rivers, creeks, waterfalls, and marshes. For more information on all trips, see these details.

     Made in Canada

     Made in Canada