Testimonials - Two Nights Canoe Camping

"Hey Jonas! I honestly had a great time on the trip.  I think just rafting up together and floating around on the water together as a group for a bit was definitely one of my favourite little moments.  I loved high falls too!  And being able to set up tents a lot faster on the second day felt very accomplishing ;)

I can't really say there's anything I didn't like about the trip.  The food was great (bannock and chocolate cake!!) and I enjoyed the canoe trips a lot.  Perhaps encourage people to switch canoe partners for the way back.  Not that that bothered me or anything: Eve and I had a great time both ways, but that's the only "suggestion" that came to mind.

Thanks again for the great trip!  I've been telling plenty of people about it already and am also looking forward for the rest of the photos to surface :D All the best!"

- Pierre (Ottawa, Canada)

"Jonas is an amazing guide. Whether you're craving adventure or just wanting to try something new I highly recommend Hard Maple Travel. Jonas will bring you on a fun, memorable, and enriching trip. I can't wait for my next one!"

- Sebastian (Ottawa, Canada)

I had a great time last weekend on the canoe trip! I definitely am planning to do more of that in the future! Thank you very much for the experience and all the really great food!

- Danielle (Ottawa, Canada)