Testimonials - The Barron River

Barron Canyon in Algonquin Park

"What a wonderful tour! Algonquin is such a Canadian Gem. Our tour guide, Jonas, was competent, charming, witty and thorough. Can't wait for our next tour with Hard Maple Travel!"

- Gillian and Jeff Mills


Departure Point on Grand Lake in Algonquin Park

"Thanks again for organizing the wonderful canoe trip. We had a great time and would definitely do it again!"

- Sian and Jeff Aldred


"Our Algonquin park canoe trip from Achray Station through the Barron River Canyon was a great mix of fun, comradrey, hearty food, and challenge. The paddling was pleasant and the portaging, although difficult at first, became easier as our skills improved. Even the weather cooperated, with sunny, warm days and a little bit of rain to lull us to sleep at night. It’s a classic Canadian Shield paddle, with a bonus natural water slide at High Falls (see video). Many thanks to our fearless leader, Jonas, for this memorable adventure."

- Mary Ann McKenna