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One Night Car Camping near Ottawa

Fitness:  2/7          Comfort zone:   5/7


  • One night camping near your vehicle
  • Experience the Canadian wilderness with the convenience of a vehicle
  • Learn to set up a comfortable campsite
  • Sleep overnight in a tent
  • Create a fire for cooking and warmth
  • Swim in a cool Canadian lake
  • Take a hike and look for local wildlife
  • Hear the sounds of a forest at night

Murphy's Point Provincial Park


We will be sure to explore the park on foot and take a swim in the lake (even in summer, it will be cool). In the evening, there will be a camp fire with marshmallows and "s'mores" and some classic Canadian campfire songs. Everyone will be expected to contribute stories, songs, jokes, or skits!

Includes all camping gear - tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cooler, camp stove, dishes, and pots

Includes - Experienced guides, park entrance fees, all meals and food

One Night Car Camping

Many people spend all their time in cities, without an opportunity to experience nature. Here is the perfect chance to get outside and become familiar with the Canadian wilderness. With the right equipment, clothing, and training, you can be comfortable sleeping on the ground in a small tent. Get in touch with the earth! 

This two-day program will give you the essential skills to camp in a Provincial Park near Ottawa. Each participant or group will be assigned a camp site and taught how to set up a tent, light a fire, and cook a meal. Camping with a vehicle means that you have a secure space to store your luggage and food, to keep them away from animals.

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Made in Canada

     Made in Canada


This is a perfect trip for families, as an introduction to the Canadian wilderness.

We want to offer a special invitation to new Canadians to learn these essential Canadian skills and delights.

You will be challenged by discomfort from insects and weather. You might be challenged by silence, darkness, unfamiliar sounds, and a sense of isolation. You will be rewarded by fresh air, clean water, and the incredible smells of nature. You will finish the trip with new knowledge and skills and an appreciation of the Canadian landscape. You might be tempted to sign up for our one-night Canoe Camping or Backpacking trips, the six-day journey down the Barron River in Algonquin Park, or even the 14 day trip The Canadian Shield.

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