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     Made in Canada

Itinerary - One Night Car Camping


Day 1

Please contact us if you need transportation from Ottawa. It takes about 1 hr 15 min to drive.

10:30 AM Gather at Murphy's Point Provincial Park in Eastern Ontario. We will start by applying sun screen and insect repellent, as needed. After introductions, we will discuss some basic safety rules. As a group, we will set up one of the tents at our "base camp" and demonstrate how make a comfortable home-away-from-home. Each participant or group will then go to their nearby campsite and set up their tents.

12:30 PM Gather back at Base Camp for a picnic lunch

1:30 PM Bringing our swimming suits and towels, and wearing sturdy footwear, we set out for a hike within the park boundaries. The trail can get rough in places. We are usually in sight of the shoreline and we might see deer, squirrels and chipmunks, or racoons. We end the hike with a swim at a sandy beach.

4:00 PM Back at Base Camp, it's time to learn how to use the camp stove (propane or naptha) and also a fire box for burning wood. This park is one which does not allow the gathering of deadfall sticks or twigs because they are part of the natural ecosystem. Hard Maple Travel will provide sustainably harvested firewood for our wood fires. Once the stove is going, we will have tea and snacks.

5:30 PM Each group will go to their campsite to practice cooking the evening meal. After supper, each group will clean up their dishes and campsite. It's time to think about what your contribution to the evening festivities will be!

7:30 Bring some warm clothes and a flashlight or lantern and gather at Base Camp for a camp fire. The guitars and marshmallows will appear and we'll take turns entertaining our new friends.

9:30 Let's look for fire-flies before bed!

Meals included: L, D


Day 2

6:00 AM Early risers and photographers might want to take a walk to the shore to experience a golden sunrise and the mist on the lake, or maybe even have an early morning dip (at a different beach). People will get up at their own pace. There's no hurry today. You will be able to wash (with warm water!) at a "comfort station" or even take a shower. Slowly you will smell coffee brewing and breakfast cooking. People will share stories about noises they heard during the night or possible sightings of nocturnal animals.


If you want to fish, you need a license. Regulations are different for Ontario residents, Canadian residents, and non-residents. Please contact us if you want help arranging the necessary Outdoors Card and fishing license tag.

9:30 AM Park staff will deliver a short talk on the local plants and animals and we might have a chance to handle a live "Black Rat Snake" found at Murphy's Point.

11:00 AM We will take our vehicles for a very short drive to visit an old mica mine in the park. Depending on the trip dates, park staff members might be dressed in period costumes.

12:30 PM Back at camp, we will prepare picnic lunch and then clean up our campsites, take down the tents, and pack away the gear. A final meeting will discuss equipment choices, future camping needs and lessons learned.

2:00 PM You are free to depart for home or spend the rest of the day at the park.

Meals included: B, L