Adventure travel by mountain bike or canoe in Eastern Ontario, Canada

Hard Maple Travel stages fully-supported, one day to 14 day, point-to-point adventures by mountain bike or canoe in the natural beauty of the Canadian wilderness. These trips depart regularly from Ottawa, Canada's capital city.



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Can you vividly remember your last vacation? If not, maybe it's time to try something different.

Hard Maple Travel will take you on an outdoor adventure that you won't forget. On other vacations, you might spend time watching things - through a bus window, port-hole, or wine glass. With Hard Maple Travel, you will spend time doing things outdoors. Your experience might not always be easy but we guarantee that it will be memorable.

In Canada, we have a lot of wilderness. Unlike many countries, our forests are not planted in rows. In Canada, our forests are wild, untamed, unpredictable, and exciting. Come and explore!

About you

You are an active, strong, and healthy person with a keen interest in Canada and a love of the outdoors. For many years, Canada has called to you from just over the horizon. Now it's time to answer. 

You want to understand the world by holding it in your hands.  A country is alive and wants to be poked and patted, tested and examined. You want to turn the country over and rub its belly. You want to taste its sweetness and smell its stinky breath. It's time to paddle its rivers or pedal its trails. It's time to meet its historians, artists, and musicians. So, take off your shoes and let Canada ooze between your toes! Come join us.

About Hard Maple Travel

We are an adventure travel company based in Almonte, Ontario, Canada. We stage fully supported and guided mountain bike and canoe trips in Eastern Ontario, with the belief that any challenging physical experience can transform a person in a positive way. Our guests can expect to become stronger, more confident in the outdoors, more knowledgeable, and more appreciative of their own abilities and the natural world. 

We provide only point-to-point, human-powered trips because these are known to create the strongest memories, along with feelings of accomplishment, achievement, and success. From start to finish, there are no planned vehicle "transfers" within our trips.

A trip with Hard Maple Travel brings you an authentic feeling of Canada. Canada is the second-largest country in the world but has a population of only 35 million, 90% of whom live within 160 km (100 miles) of the US border. Canada has 2-3 million lakes - more than the rest of the world combined.

Why Hard Maple?

Also called Sugar Maple, this tree is Canada's national symbol and is used for maple syrup. Hard Maple Travel trips are for people who are active, strong, tough, and resilient - like the Sugar Maple. An extremely versatile tree, the Hard Maple can be used for shelter (flooring), comfort (furniture), warmth (fire wood), and food (maple syrup). It is beautiful in the autumn when the leaves turn many shades of red, yellow, and orange.

A trip with Hard Maple Travel will give you a unique experience of Canada, and Eastern Ontario in particular. You will be challenged by weather, terrain, and exertion but you will emerge empowered. 

Over 50? ...

Worried that all the other travelers will be buff 20-somethings? Not true! There will be a full age range, with many in their 40s, 50s or older. They'll all be strong and looking for a new adventure. So this is a special invitation to older-and-wiser adventure seekers and those with an empty nest. Let us show you a truly Canadian experience in Eastern Ontario.