The Canadian Shield

Fitness:  4/7     Canoe Skills:  3/7     Mountain Bike Skills:  4/7     Comfort zone:   5/7


  • Mountain biking in Algonquin Park

  • Canoeing on the Barron River

  • White water rafting on the Ottawa River

  • Biking the K & P Trail

  • Presentations by Canadian experts

Mountain Bike and Paddle in Eastern Ontario

The Canadian Shield map of route


You will be challenged by bugs, weather, steep climbs, mud, aching muscles, and discomfort. There will be possible danger from bears, water, fire, and poisonous plants. This is not a trip for everyone.

You will be rewarded by fresh air, clean water, the smell of pine and wintergreen, an ongoing concerto of bird calls, and views that will catch in your throat.

Hard Maple Travel offers you the chance to do something significant. The Canadian Shield is a 14 day point-to-point trip that will test your physical and mental strength. You will mountain bike and paddle over 400 km through Eastern Ontario, while experiencing unspoiled nature, diverse wildlife, and routes which are significant in Canadian history. This trip is authentic and rewarding. You will emerge with great stories, great memories, and probably great friendships.

Each person will be looking for the boundary between I can and I can’t.

     Made in Canada

     Made in Canada


You will definitely get your heart rate up. You’ll have fun while generating adrenalin, meeting other Hard Maple travelers, gaining self-confidence, and surprising yourself. If you’ve lost your mojo, there’s an excellent chance you will find it here. You will finish with a genuine sense of accomplishment. You’ll feel good.

And you’ll see enough rocks and trees to last a lifetime.

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